Friday, April 30


Got the MS Security CD in the Mail today- Put it in my machine- and it said everything was cool no updates needed. (That is the Thing about having enabled the Auto Update as well as manually checking once a week Windows UPDATE). Though what is cool is that it comes with a 1 year free trial to Etrust- EZ ARMOR LE0 I have not tried it yet. But it is nice to know that MS would bundle an update CD one per household though."" .
If you want the Free Udate CD.

Microsoft Protect Your PC Website

For me this is a blessing in the fact that now when I reinstall Windows XP I don't have to wait on a download for Service Pack 1.(This for Dial Up Users Takes Days)
It also has Windows Media Player 9 update and also Direct X9b update. (These for dial up people take hours to download)

Plus some other assorted updates.
The cd contains updates for Win98/ME/2000 (the SP4 update)/Windows XP.
So please to help you avoid taking the risk of getting nasty viruses from going to web unprotected upon reinstall. Get yourself a copy...Your computer will thank you for it (that is if computers could talk) although I think at the end Microsoft thanks you for using thier product.

(Some trademarks represented here belong to Microsoft Corporation)
So I should suggest that you ask for your free copy today (limit one per household)
Microsoft Protect Your PC Website

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