Saturday, April 7

Churches and Cheeses or Just caught up in Fondue?

The thought just occurred to me that the main reason we have so much division among the population is due to the amount of different churches.
I mean for example--- 

The truth is -- So many churches to choose from, but only one GOD.

One should always remember that in the end there is only you and GOD on Judgment Day.

I am not saying that having many churches is wrong, but when a church does not provide and promote unity in a neighborhood  they fail.   

When we have too many churches competing with each other it creates a fondue of division.

Let us examine what  the Bible says ...

For where two or three are gathered together in my 

name, there am I in the midst of them.

This really means-- You don't have to have a church to worship GOD.....

This should make you ask yourself ....

Do we really need thousands of churches when we only need two to have GOD with us?

We should also ask ourselves are we caught up in Fondue?