Friday, March 9

This is the rebirth of the blog...

I will try to post computer tips...
The first tip is the defragmentation. (this only applies to Windows)

Yes Windows Does it now on a schedule, however, by default it is setup to run Wednesday at 1am.
There is a problem with this, because most people shut down their computers when they are not using them.

I suggest doing this at least once a month (unless you have a SSD) - A SSD is a solid state hard drive which by default if you have one Windows will not show Defrag as being installed.

In Windows Vista, 7, or 8- type Defrag in the search and it will be on the list.

In 95/NT4/98/ME/ 2000/ XP it is in the start menu, all programs, accessories, then computer tools -- Alternative- Prior to Vista you can hold down the windows key and press the r key... then type defrag and it should bring it up

Select normally C: then defrag

This may take a while if it has never been ran before.

What is defrag without being technical.-

It is like organizing a tool box to put tools in an order to find them easier.

This puts the pieces of your files together so it can be found easier.

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