Wednesday, March 14

Life Faith Autopilot?

Life, Faith, Autopilot?

Have you noticed the following? Alarm clock goes off and you rush off to work without really thinking? Before you know it, there is lunchtime and the debate is what restaurant have you not had this week to eat? Once you are through your day it may take a few cups of coffee to get through the day and then rush home. If this is you then your life is may be on autopilot. How should you get out of this rut? The answer is simple, just take a few steps outside your normal and enjoy life.

There still is one question left to ask yourself, “Is my faith on autopilot?” Imagine if you went to work and the doors were locked shut at work. Would it be worse when you realize something is wrong when judgment is upon you? In the end, it would all come down to your faith being on autopilot. Would you be surprised or angry? Some people I have found go to Church, because it is Sunday and is the way it has always been so.

This may come as a surprise, but the calendar we use now did not exist in the time of Christ. Do you think the disciples said, "I am only going to walk ,listen, and pray with Jesus one day of the week (SUNDAY??)?" I should hope the answer is NO to that question.

We should realize that daily we must take off the Autopilot and give thanks to God.

It is in this little act not just on Sunday that we must do where we take control of our lives and salvation. When you keep on the autopilot your life will pass you by.
When God is in control of your life greater things will happen.

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LiveLoveandLetGod said...

I agree with you so much, James. I believe many of us believers need to check to see if our faith is on autopilot. I like the point you made about the time when the disciples walked with Jesus.

So, it is no wonder why things are they way they are with man and God in this present age..